Service Degradation

All services using Banner and REST API are currently unavailable. At this time the only services unaffected are (Blogs Only) and

Updates are available at

Last Update:  Fri Sep 06 2019 13:36:44

We have received multiple reports of errors in applications fed by Banner. We are aware of the issue and investigating.

Services Restored

All services hosted from have been restored as of 5:38pm EST.  Our IT staff has discovered that our back-end network traffic relay service became inoperational after applying a kernel patch which caused all services utilizing University data to go down between 11:46AM EST and 5:38pm EST.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Note: “University data” in this, and prior contexts refer to all downstream data from Central IT services.  Includes, ED, Banner etc.

Services Down

All services on which utilizes University data are currently down (Reported on 8/23/2018 11:46AM EST).

The issue has been identified and our engineers are currently working toward resolving the problem.

Service Degradation

Due to issues experienced with core back end Central IT services, some of our applications will not be able to function at full capacity until the issue has been resolved.  We are currently working on restoring service functionality.  Check here for updates.